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Patrizia Marinucci of Montesilvano, suffering from Lombosacralgia, is the protagonist of this month in the column dedicated to the patients of Dr. Ali.

How did you know Dr. Younes Ali?
“I’ve known him for about 30 years because he moved my classmate”.

What led her to become his patient instead?”
A herniated disc that has been causing problems for about a year”.

What therapies did the doctor adopt in his case?
“Infiltrations with hyaluronic acid and cortisone together with supplements”.

What results is it getting?
“I have improved a lot, the pains have almost disappeared. I literally returned to live”.

Ali Younes

Ali Younes

Former medical director, head of simple structure in anesthesia and pain therapy ASL Pescara - P.O. Popoli, was Head of the operating theaters and Pain Therapy Department at the Villa Letizia Hospital in L'Aquila. Qualified expert in: invasive and semi-invasive pain therapy / fibromyalgia / cannabis therapy / regenerative medicine with mesenchymal and stem cells / personalized medicine.