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In contact with patients and their experiences. This is the meaning of the column dedicated to those who have known and appreciated the work of Dr. Ali.

This month we have heard Mrs Franca Iacone from L’Aquila affected by Fibromyalgia and treated with Cannabis therapy.

How did you know Dr. Ali?
“I had heard about him, then I got to know him personally through the training from O.S.S. at Villa Letizia “.

How was it with the therapy?
“Now my Fibromyalgia is much better thanks to a doctor. It was since 2001 that I was looking for a solution “.

Did you know your condition?
“No, I was unaware before really understanding how things were”.

Did you immediately trust Dr. Ali?
“Absolutely yes. He is a person of great availability, who listens to you and whom you can call at any time of day for every need “.

Ali Younes

Ali Younes

Former medical director, head of simple structure in anesthesia and pain therapy ASL Pescara - P.O. Popoli, was Head of the operating theaters and Pain Therapy Department at the Villa Letizia Hospital in L'Aquila. Qualified expert in: invasive and semi-invasive pain therapy / fibromyalgia / cannabis therapy / regenerative medicine with mesenchymal and stem cells / personalized medicine.