Ali Younes

Sono il Dr. Alì Younes di origini libanesi e residente in Italia dal 1983, grazie anche all’interessamento delle Forze italiane di pace comandate dal generale Franco Angioni. Laureato in Medicina e Chirurgia e specializzato con Diploma in Anestesia Rianimazione e Terapia del dolore, che pratico secondo la scuola e la filosofia del mio maestro Dr. Francesco Amato. In questo ambito ho sviluppato negli anni una notevole esperienza in terapia del dolore benigno e maligno, acuto e cronico e analgesia perioperatoria.
Già dirigente medico, responsabile struttura semplice in anestesia e terapia del dolore ASL Pescara – P.O. Popoli, sono stato Responsabile delle sale operatorie e Reparto di Terapia del dolore presso il Presidio Ospedaliero Villa Letizia in L’Aquila.
Ricevo i pazienti in poliambulatori specialistici in Italia e all’estero.

Già dirigente medico, responsabile struttura semplice in anestesia e terapia del dolore ASL Pescara – P.O. Popoli, è stato Responsabile delle sale operatorie e Reparto di Terapia del dolore presso il Presidio Ospedalerio Villa Letizia in L’Aquila. Esperto qualificato in: terapia del dolore invasivo e semi-invasivo / fibromialgia / cannabis terapia / medicina rigenerativa con cellule mesenchimali e staminali / medicina personalizzata.

In 1991 I received a degree in Medicine and Surgery at the Udd G. D’Annunzio of Chieti and in 1995 I graduated in Specialization in Anesthesia Reanimation and Pain Therapy. In the break, that is between 1994 and 1998, I attended a three-year specialization course in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy at SMIPI (Italian Society of Psychotherapy and Hypnosis) in Bologna. Since 1998, I have been interested almost exclusively in the innovative care path DS, One DS, Week Surgey, and the related repercussions on the Ssn, in terms of clinical governance and risk management, which has given me so much satisfaction and prestigious tasks up to the appointment due to manager of simple structure of multidisciplinary DS.
My second passion is the Pain Therapy that I practice according to the school and the philosophy of my teacher Dr. Francesco Amato; in this context I have developed over the years a remarkable experience in the treatment of benign and malignant, acute and chronic pain and perioperative analgesia. Activities I have performed for about 500 patients on an outpatient and hospitalization, crowned as a lecturer and qualified expert for several pharmaceutical companies including, Fidia, Molteni, Kolinpharma, Munidpharma.
Finally, in the context of intensive care and intensive care, I gained experience in managing all types of critical patient admitted to emergency management urgency; from respiratory insufficiency to head injury; from polytrauma in general to intensive post-operative treatment. Furthermore: guided echo central venous cannulation, gold intubation and tracheal nose, even in cases of difficult intubation; to finish with the mastery in the use of automatic respirators and parenteral and enteral artificial nutrition.
I am also an expert in viscosupplementation, cannabis therapy and regenerative medicine with stem / mesenchymal cells.

My passion for my work has led me to tour the Abruzzo region and to have the honor of taking on great responsibilities in various health facilities in the region. I have been:

  • Responsible for the infusion of contrast agents at the radiology office Colalé, in Lanciano
  • component Core Inspector Asl Lanciano / Vasto
  • regional commission component Day Surgery
  • component Assr-Rome (Agency for regional health services), study service and in-depth analysis of programming Day Surgery activities
  • Commission III Invalidity component for the Asl Pescara
  • Sicads regional coordinator (Italian Society of Outpatient Surgery and Day Surgery)
  • Cuds regional coordinator (club unit day surgery)
  • organizzatore del Sicads Tour Abruzzo, presso la Asl Pescara; componente Gds (Gruppo di studio) Siaarti (Società italiana di anestesia analgesia rianimazione e terapia intensiva), anestesia in Day Surgery
  • responsible Simple structure in multidisciplinary Day Surgery at P.O. Popoli
  • Health Director Api (Italian polispecialistico outpatient) srl Lanciano
  • Responsible for the infusion of contrast agents at Idi srl (Italian diagnostic institute), Lanciano.

Following the Specialization Diploma in Anesthesia Resuscitation and Pain Therapy, I had the opportunity to work as a freelancer with the status of assistant in Anesthesia, Reanimation and Pain Therapy at the Pierangeli clinic in Pescara as well as freelancer in Anesthesia and Therapy of Pain at the Villa Anna clinic, San Benedetto Del Tronto. Thanks to the Pierangeli clinic I had the opportunity to continue the path with a contract of employment and qualification of aid in Anesthesia, Reanimation and Pain Therapy.
An increasingly rewarding job that led me to play the role of first level manager at the Asl Lanciano-Vasto in the discipline of Anesthesia and Reanimation, later at the Asl Pescara, P.O. People until reaching the role I currently hold as Director in charge of the Anesthesia and Intensive Care Service and of the Department of Pain at the P.O. Villa Letizia – Preturo L’Aquila.

My personal case is about 25,000 anesthesia, small, medium and high surgery, both general and locoregional anesthesia.