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New appointment for the column dedicated to Dr. Ali’s patients. This time we go to L’Aquila, Barisciano to be precise, with Lorenzo Marinucci who tells us something more about his lumbosciatalgia and paresis of a large herniated lumbar disc.

How did you know Dr. Ali?
“For a serious back problem I turned to Villa Letizia. There I met the doctor who immediately understood what it was and literally put me back on my feet “.

What was the pathology that affected you?
“Hernia discal with penetration in the marrow that risked cicatrizarsi. The doctor was very quick to intervene “.

What kind of therapy did Dr. Ali adopt in his case?
“At the beginning he made attempts to recompress the muscular structure and then move on to the Pain Therapy that he also implemented with my parents. In the end, he realized that no containment therapy was sufficient and decided to operate. An enlightening decision because in a short time I would have risked losing a leg “.

What results did you get?
“Excellent. Ali has put me back on my feet and with my family we are very public about his initiatives because he is a human person who knows how to listen “.

Ali Younes

Ali Younes

Former medical director, head of simple structure in anesthesia and pain therapy ASL Pescara - P.O. Popoli, was Head of the operating theaters and Pain Therapy Department at the Villa Letizia Hospital in L'Aquila. Qualified expert in: invasive and semi-invasive pain therapy / fibromyalgia / cannabis therapy / regenerative medicine with mesenchymal and stem cells / personalized medicine.