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The attending physician, a person in whom to have enormous trust. An important person to trust when there is a problem.
Today we begin to talk about the experiences and experiences of Dr. Younes Ali’s patients with Mrs. Daniela Liberatore from Spoltore suffering from severe Fibromyalgia syndrome with Parkinson’s syndrome.

How did you know Dr. Ali?
“Through a knowledge. We actually met for my brother who had a shoulder problem. Then, having a rheumatoid arthritis, we started talking about myself. ”

Which pathology affects you?
“At the beginning for arthritis he offered me a cortisone cure. Then I worked and we lost a bit of sight. Last year I got stuck completely and decided to call him back because I consider him an honest person who understood me. He diagnosed me with a Fibromyalgia “.

What therapy did you give her?
“In the beginning he advised me to go to the beach, sunbathe, supplements and anti depressants. And the summer went really well, I was fine. In late summer, however, I got stuck again; at that point, Dr. Ali proposed cannabis therapy because, due to rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s syndrome had also developed “.

What results did you get?
“Good, indeed excellent. People who know me say that now I run! And it does not seem true to me to take care of children, to sew and volunteer almost as before. Yes, I seem to have gone back in time “.

Ali Younes

Ali Younes

Former medical director, head of simple structure in anesthesia and pain therapy ASL Pescara - P.O. Popoli, was Head of the operating theaters and Pain Therapy Department at the Villa Letizia Hospital in L'Aquila. Qualified expert in: invasive and semi-invasive pain therapy / fibromyalgia / cannabis therapy / regenerative medicine with mesenchymal and stem cells / personalized medicine.